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How to use Apple Ratings to your advantage

Has your dental office been hoping Yelp ratings will no longer be displayed in Apple Maps? Last year, Apple announced its recommendation system that allowed anyone searching for or visiting a business the ability to rate it. Many business owners hoped it would immediately replace Yelp ratings. However, Apple Maps still displayed Yelp ratings for business listings, that is until earlier this month when Apple rolled out fresh updates.

When searching for a needed service—take "dentists," for example—users can see all of the dentists in their area.

From there, the rating feature is available at the top. Apple's rating system is straightforward, as they opted for a thumbs up, thumps down option.

Currently, most people still see a Yelp rating when they click on a business in Maps. However, it seems that Apple Ratings will replace Yelp ratings once the business has enough Apple ratings. This will be favorable for businesses that struggle with Yelp's review algorithm. For years many businesses have alleged that Yelp tends to be difficult on reviews—they often "unreccomend" positive business reviews.

For example, Yelp reviews no longer appear on the Maps listing for one of our clients (see photo below). This dental practice requested guests to give a thumbs-up "recommendation" in Maps several months ago, and now Apple displays the new Maps rating instead of a Yelp rating.

Currently, this feature only includes ratings and not written reviews. Other information included with the location of the business includes photos, business hours, a "Good to Know" section, and contact information.

More and more people are using Apple Maps, so it's a good idea to encourage your guests to give you an Apple rating in addition to Google, Yelp, and social media reviews.

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